Serve Up a Cinco de May Fiesta with Our Horchata and Dulce De Leche FreezePoint® Premium Cappuccino Mixes

Horchata and Dulce de Leche FreezePoint® Premium Cappuccino MixesAre you ready for Cinco de Mayo? Get festive and help your customers celebrate with our delicioso Horchata and Dulce De Leche FreezePoint® Premium Cappuccino Mix Products. Cinco de Mayo is May 5th and is celebrated in honor of Mexico’s victory over France at the battle of Puebla in 1862. Many, however, believe the day to be Mexico’s Independence Day. Interestingly, Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico but, in cities throughout the United States, people go all-out to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture on this day.

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The History of Soft Serve

Soft ServeAs the story goes, on Memorial Day weekend of 1934, Tom Carvel, the founder of the Carvel brand and franchise, had a flat tire in his ice cream truck. As a savory business person, he began selling his melting ice cream to cars driving by. What started as a potential loss of his inventory due to melting became a potentially good business ideas. In 1936, Carvel opened his first store and also developed a soft serve ice cream formula and a patented low temperature ice cream machine.

Dairy Queen also claims to have invented soft serve. In 1938, J. F. McCullough and his son, Alex, developed their soft serve formula.

Expand Your Beverage Business with Iced Teas, Flavored Teas and Specialty Coffees

Iced tea, flavored teas and specialty coffees for your businessLooking to expand your beverage business? Talk to us about the latest trends in the beverage business — iced tea, flavored teas and specialty coffees. DCFI just blended a new specialty tea base for a major player in our industry. Our Research & Development technicians can assist you in choosing an ice tea base, flavored tea or specialty coffee to drive sales for your business.

Let Desert “Cool” Foods, Inc. develop your next custom beverage to keep your business in the forefront of our industry.

Desert “Cool” – Cool New Look!

To those of you that have been here before, this may be obvious – but we’re thrilled to announce that Desert “Cool” Foods has a cool new look! We have just completed a top-to-bottom remodeling of our website, with the intention of getting you the information you need in a new, fresh way. Don’t worry – we’re still the same Desert “Cool” Foods that you’ve come to depend on. However, we have some new products, some new opportunities, and lots of new information. So come on in, relax, cool off and take a look around – we’re sure you’ll like what you see.

New! Strawberry-Banana Flavor Packets

Strawberry-Banana Flavor Packet

We are excited to announce our newest flavor packet: Strawberry-Banana. Add this classic combo to any of our soft serve, smoothie, shake or frozen yogurt mixes for a deliciously sweet, tropical treat!

Licensing Program

Desert “Cool” Foods, Inc. is now offering to strategic partners a program that would license products to qualified manufacturers from our extensive library of product formulations.

Want a low carb soft serve mix, a perfectly balanced soft serve 30% fat, 30% protein and 40% carbs, a tart frozen yogurt mix or a neutral slush mix?  How about a shake mix?

Let Desert “Cool” Foods, Inc. help extend your product line without the additional expense of product development and the trial and error of entering a new segment of our industry. We have proven formulations ready to go!

Contact us today to discuss this rare opportunity.

Walter Barker

Announcing Desert “Cool” University

Start learning now!We are proud to announce open enrollment at Desert “Cool” University – the premier institute of frozen dessert and beverage information! Quench your thirst for knowledge and the perfect smoothie at the same time by asking any frozen dessert or beverage related question on our forum – we will gladly share our vast knowledge of all things hot, cool, frosty and frozen. And don’t worry – there are no exams or term papers at D “Cool” U, just a place to get info you need to improve and, possibly, make your business more profitable. Drop by the D “Cool” U page today and find out how “Cool” going to school can be.

Desert “Cool” Foods, Inc. (DCFI) Introduces “Own Your Formulation” Program

In an effort to add more value to our customers, DCFI is now offering “Own Your Formulation”  Program – a program where you can own your formulations.

This program enables you to:

  1. Manufacture your own frozen dessert and beverage products
  2. Work on a cost plus system with DCFI
  3. Start your own co-packing business and resell your own branded products

Here are your options for getting started:

  1. DCFI will develop and sell you a formulation of your choice for a negotiated one time price.
  2. DCFI will duplicate any product on the market and sell you that formulation. You could then compete with any company you choose to. The sky is the limit!
  3. You can work with our formulation equity program. DCFI will set up a number of cases per product that must be purchase to obtain a formulation. We will add on an additional dollar amount per case in addition to your case price, which will enable you to build equity over time so you can ultimately own your formulations.

Get started today. Build your own frozen dessert business. Own your own formulations and build equity in your own brand!

Contact Desert “Cool” Foods, Inc. to discuss our program.
We will structure a program to meet your individual business goals.

Desert “Cool” Foods, Inc.
Phone 480-513-7206

New! Blueberry and Crazyberry Flavor Packets

Try our new Blueberry and Crazyberry flavor packets!We are excited to announce two brand-new, refreshing flavor packets just in time to beat the summer heat: Blueberry and Crazyberry! You can put a berry blast into any of our soft serve mixes, smoothie mixes, shake mixes or frozen yogurt mixes for a sweet escape from the normal routine. Add one of these flavors to your lineup, whether it’s the classic cool of Blueberry or a walk on the wild side with Crazyberry – you’ll be berry glad you did.